Mitsubishi Power - Solid Oxide
Fuel Cell


Mitsubishi Power Facility supported by Rockfin will deliver the first Hybrid System of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells called MEGAMIE to Europe. The highly efficient hybrid system will be put into operation in Germany in March 2022.

Mitsubishi Power already has installed 9 units of Hybrid-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) systems in Japan. It will be the first such project where Mitsubishi Power will deliver its cutting-edge technology to the European region. MEGAMIE, will be put into operation in March 2022. 

Fuel cells (FCs) differ from conventional power generation systems in that they can use hydrogen as a carbon-free power source. With built-in electrochemical converters, FCs can combine hydrogen and oxygen in the air to produce energy directly without the carbon dioxide byproduct. As such, they maintain high efficiency while emitting less carbon. The highly efficient system not only supplies electricity and heat but also can be used decentralized and independently of the existing power grid. The fuel used in the system can be natural gas, biogas or propane, as well as hydrogen, and it is the reason that MEGAMIE has attracted attention from all over the world. MEGAMIE, with a standard output of 250 kW, can supply enough electricity for an entire office building, or 300 houses.

Rockfin, the Polish engineering company, will be responsible for packaging the MEGAMIE unit. Local Polish scope includes also structural structures, acoustic enclosure, pressure tanks and piping. Cold commissioning will be executed in Rockfin’s Headquarter located next to Gdansk city.

Both parties began deep technical discussions mid of last year. A lot of efforts were put to be fully aligned from a scope split perspective. Rockfin’s team has to also gain technical expertise based on Mitsubishi Power know-how to meet customer expectations. Mitsubishi Power as well as Rockfin allocated the most experienced engineering teams to technical dialogue which at the end of the day brings signing of the contract.

“It was a long way and deep involvement of both parties brought us to the day when we can say; Let’s start project execution and bring green power to our common customer. It is the next serious milestone in cooperation between our Companies. Currently we have been cooperating in field of Generators, Gas & Steam Turbines. Now it is time for the next level of business. Rockfin’s Team does believe that this project will be the next success story in our partnership relation. We are grateful for trust and giving us a chance to extend our portfolio for Mitsubishi Group” says Bartosz Krzeminski CEO of Rockfin.

Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. is very pleased to place an order for key products for the first project in Europe to Rockfin Sp., a company with a long history and a proven track record.

“As a partner in the fuel cell business, we look forward to working with Rockfin Sp. to make this project a success first”, says Yuichiro Kitagawa, Director of the Fuel Cell Business Department of Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.

The common target for both Sides is to introduce such kind of power generation to the wider energy market. Such global collaboration seems to be the key factor to do this. 

“We are honored to have opportunity to work with Mitsubishi Power on this very strategic project which support energy transformation worldwide. As we can see, the distance between us is getting closer and closer. Based on our experience, we are able to execute projects having customers in Japan; but what is crucial here  and is worth to emphasize is the fact that together with our customer we are also able to develop new products and promote new technology Thanks to our teams and proper modern way of communication we are sure that the next story can be only a success one” says Michal Wroblewski CCO / VP of Rockfin.