Trial run

Oil unit during the trial run

Before leaving the production plant, every unit (hydraulic system) is tested by the quality control department.

Depending on the system’s type, size and client’s requirements, the tests include:

  • Hydraulic functional tests (all types of hydraulic and lubrication systems)
  • Special tests (ex. according to API 614 regulations)
  • Special tests including load simulation (according to client’s additional requirements)
  • Hydraulic tests and assembly check (for units tested by the client within the complete system, after installation)

We dispose special equipment allowing to test untypical systems.:

  • electric power supply – power up to 800kW, AC
    • voltage 400V, 480V, 690V
    • frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
    • direct current supply
  • water cooling unit – power rating 630kW
  • liquid fuel supplying unit Vzb=500dm3
  • air/water cooling system – power rating 130kW