Designing and engineering specification

Conception of turbine support system test station

Designing process is based on:

  • client’s idea,
  • technical specification,
  • designing team own conceptions.

Every project includes full construction and workshop documentation set.

We are specialized in designing and construction of:

  • hydraulic drive and control units,
  • oil lubrication units,
  • seal oil and seal gas systems,
  • pressure booster units (booster units),
  • water or air cooling systems,
  • atmospheric storage tanks,
  • pressure tanks (according to PED),
  • machines elements,
  • welded constructions,
  • electric drive and control units,
  • industrial pipelines and AKPiA (Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation).

Moreover, designing activity contains:

  • analyzing and optimization of working devices,
  • working on ideas and their viability,
  • inventory control of industrial systems and devices with documentation updates,
  • documentation of the machines adjustment to OHP standards in the scope of their operating while working.

Furthermore we offer:

  • Conversion of 2D data to CAD files
  • Creating libraries of elements CAD 2D and 3D
  • Support in the manuals creating and devices and units service providing.

Example of FEM) calculation method effects:

Example plans: